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Vibrators and female masturbation remain a taboo in today's society. Men talk about masturbation all the time. For them, masturbation is an honor. The more they do it, the more they talk about it. Unfortunately for women, things are a little different. 

However, given the number of different vibrator brands and styles that appear to have popped up from left to right so far, the journey to the location of a vibrator for the first time can be difficult. Here, you'll find a list of the sex vibrator for beginners.

What is the sex vibrator?

Finding the sex vibrator can be a daunting process. It's also highly personal. Some are finger-like, others are tongue-like, or even closer to the male genitalia, plus stick versions for external stimulation only.

Sex toys are a godsend for those who can't easily reach orgasm through masturbation, oral sex or solo penetration. But buying sex toys can be a daunting experience.

High-quality sex toys are often expensive and non-recyclable, and you have hundreds of models to choose from, and what criteria make a good sex toy can be highly subjective. We look for toys that are suitable for most people, including beginners.

For those who want to start small, clitoral, a great beginner's vibrator is the bullet. Its design is sleek, super discrete, if relevant, and very easy to handle. Starting with a toy, this size allows you to control and feel where it feels best downstairs. While it's not necessarily the sex vibrator on the market, it's the ill-timed introduction of vibrator masturbation.

Perhaps the most popular vibrator on the market, the rabbit is a good introduction to vibratory stimulation, as it does almost all the work for you. The rabbit is what we call a double tool, an appendage designed to stimulate multiple parts of the body at once, especially the g-spot and clitoris. Sometimes, the name makes the toy boring for people who want to push a cute bunny into a place where the sun doesn't shine? But the product itself looks more like a deformed claw than any cute animal. Sexy, right?

The wand is a great first vibrator who is energy hungry. These large vibrators look quite industrial, but that's because they are the most powerful vibrators on the market. This tool has a lot of room to grasp from different angles, and it gives the masturbator a lot of control over position and intensity.

Whichever way you choose to masturbate, know that there is no right or wrong way to keep yourself busy. While there are still plenty of arenas in everyday life that women feel like they can't fully control, we can make rules in them, whether that means high intensity, low intensity, toys or no toys. Nothing is more important than your choice to do what makes you feel best.