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Bondage Toys

Ball Gag With Leather Handcuffs Bondage BDSM Sex Toy India
₹2,732.0 ₹1,518.0

It is the professional SM bondage suits which can simultaneously bind oral cavity,neck and hands,so ..

BDSM Bondage With Nipple Clamp Neck Collar Restraint Sex Game
₹6,296.0 ₹2,948.0

Each slight movement in the head will pull sensitive nipples and the slight pain can bring unexpecte..

Bondage Restraints Fetish Sexy Strict Armbinder With Collar Set Sexy Slave Fetish Harness Restraint Kit
₹4,659.0 ₹1,928.0

Trapped! It's exactly how your slave will be when they're wearing this wonderful Behind the Back Arm..

Bondage Thigh Restraint Sling Legs Binding Puttee Leather BDSM Sex Toy India
₹3,920.0 ₹2,070.0

Scientifically designed SM product, suitable for beginners and SM lovers!Simply slide the padded nec..

Straps Bondage Ankle Leg Cuff Restraint Set Slave Bed Sex Restraining BDSM Sex Toy India
₹4,810.0 ₹2,670.0

Bind Your Lover in this sexy confinement harness! This sexy slave restraint kit combines a wide..

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we carries all the kink and bondage toys products you’ll need to turn an ordinary night with your partner into an exploration of your deepest  desires to control and be controlled! 

Beginners can check out our selection of sex slave kits and bondage toys. As you get more comfortable, you can always add to your collection.

We also have the heavy-duty hardware you may need to get down to business like a professional dom, including sex swings, slings, cock cages and harnesses. 

Our bondage toys are easy to use, wear, and clean, and they’re designed for optimal comfort and durability. 

Most importantly, know your limits. With a little imagination and communication, experimenting with kinky bondage toys can be an eye-opening and thoroughly satisfying experience!