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Mini Vibrator

30 Function Silicone Massager Female Vibrator
₹7,999.0 ₹3,500.0

Charging g point vibrator sex is yours! Once you are cuddling with this g-point vibrator, the time ..

36 Speed Barbed G Spot Vibrator Female Sex Toy India
₹8,500.0 ₹1,500.0

Environmental friendly material--Made of body safe-silicone, which is non-smell and non-toxic.CE, FD..

Adult Toys Lipstick Vibrators For Girls
₹5,500.0 ₹2,100.0

Add an independent charm and power to your "cosmetic bag"! Not the same vibrating egg!  ..

Finger Vibrator Sex Toy For Female Online
₹2,800.0 ₹1,200.0

High speed, full waterproof, ultra-quiet, ultra-safeMaterial: Natural silica gelCarry small applianc..

Finger Vibrators Stimulate Clitoris G Spot Women Adult Sex Product
₹3,003.5 ₹2,000.0

Lovers flirt or meet the needs of women!FeatureGood elasticity, you can use this product repeatedly&..

Fish Shape Wireless Egg Vibrator With Remote
₹6,900.0 ₹2,499.0

Comes with wireless remote control, safe, hygienic and comfortable to use More function, you can use..

G Spot Penis Shape Vibrating Dildo Vibrator
₹8,000.0 ₹3,140.0

Sex toys are awesome for masturbation and this vibrating dildo leads the race of sex toys. Best sex ..

G-Spot Mini Rabbit Vibrator 10 Function Female Vibrator India
₹3,500.0 ₹1,800.0

The G-Spot Mini Rabbit Vibrator is a versatile dual vibrator that is designed to induce enhanced ple..

Luxury Usb Rechargable Vibrator Female Sex Toy
₹8,000.0 ₹3,200.0

USB Rechargeable - vibrator built-in premium lithium-ion battery which has a long life & recharges f..

Mini Bullet Stimulator Massager USB Rechargeable Waterproof Adult Sex Toys India
₹3,530.0 ₹1,900.0

Bullet Vibrator suits every Gorgeous and Sexy person like You!The purpose of Bullet Vibrator is to p..

Mini Bullet Vibrator Silicone Lipstick Clit Vibrators Rechargeable Waterproof Adult Sex Toys India
₹6,038.0 ₹2,500.0

The ultra-strong motor with 12 powerful vibration modes delivers incredibly strong stimulation with ..

Mini Pocket Massager Wireless Vibrator Toy
₹2,100.0 ₹1,300.0

Small in size, big on vibrations!The Mini Pocket Massager is small enough to slip into your pocket, ..

Mini Vibe Wand Massager
₹1,863.0 ₹1,300.0

If you are in the market for a mini vibrator that will help you reach climax faster than ever, look ..

Pink Gel Vibrator Sex Toy For Female
₹3,999.0 ₹2,100.0

This is by far the most realistic vibrator I've ever come across. If you're looking for a toy that f..

Sex Toys India Crystal Plug
₹4,000.0 ₹2,100.0

A tiny classic size perfect for anal game for beginners and just a little warmer stuff (or a lot), t..

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How do women masturbate with mini vibrator?

In the Indian sex toys online shopping site, the vibrator is a relatively common sex toy, it has many styles, one of which is relatively small, we usually call it mini vibrators. Although it is difficult to imagine how it feels from its size. But when you turn it on, its vibration effect is extremely strong. What is even more shocking to you is that such a small vibrator, when masturbating, can bring you a sexual pleasure that is no lower than the any other vibrator.

What is a mini vibrator?

The shape of the mini vibrators are very small, easy to collect, and can also be used as a gift. It is a good choice to buy it for a friend or buy it for yourself. This cute vibrator allows you to take it easily in the vagina and walk around at will. Whether in the car or in the wild, you can easily put it in your bag and take it with you.

Vibrators can improve the quality of people's sexual life, and also enable women to have sexual satisfaction as well as normal couples, and can effectively reduce the occurrence of unethical behaviors such as finding a sexual partner or one-night stand, which is good for women's physical and mental health.

How can a woman be more comfortable with mini vibrator?

If this is your first time using a mini vibrator, take some time to get used to it and get yourself excited. This will be very interesting! Caress your body and caresses the labia and clitoris with your fingers. Explain in a simpler language: Before using the mini vibrator, let yourself use its ideas.

I recommend that you use a lubricant that helps to make the vibrator slide gently into it.

Ok, now pick up your vibrator. Turn the frequency to a minimum and tap the clitoris. For some people, this has little to do with it; for others, it feels so strong that it wants to jump. The sensitivity of the center of the clitoris varies from person to person. If this minimum intensity can't stand it for you, try to hold the labia and let it not touch the clitoris directly; or use a towel or blanket to separate the vibrator from you, or simply wear underwear. If you need higher strength, then slowly increase the frequency. All in all, you need to find a moderate frequency.

Put the most comfortable place to play. Some people like the front and center of the clitoris, while others prefer indirect contact. Imagine your clitoris is a delicious apple pie that has been cut into four pieces. You have to try it one by one and compare the different tastes.

When you are looking for the best intensity, try different vibration modes (if any). Experience each mode and find the one you like the most. Although not a certain pattern will definitely make you fly to the sky, many women find themselves have a preference. Of course, if you are confused about the various modes, then it is better to use the regular mode.

Trying different strengths and patterns is very interesting, but if you are ready to climax, then you will want to maintain a certain optimal state. When the vibrator enters, let it work against the clitoris. You may find that your body is slightly creepy, which is normal. Let your body react naturally.

Mini vibrator use process

1. Open the package, remove the appliance, and properly install the battery;

2. Carefully clean and apply lubricant to the surface of the massage head if necessary;

3. Place the massage head on the surface of the body for massage and enjoy it with appropriate strength;

4. Turn off the power and clean it.

In addition, the consumer is also required to carry out careful after-care maintenance to ensure the healthy and safe use of the vibrator.

1. Please clean and dry after use to avoid bacterial growth. It is recommended to use special cleaning liquid or neutral lotion for masturbation. Do not use acidic or alkaline washing liquid to avoid damage to the material of the appliance;

2. Please maintain proper strength during the cleaning process, because the force is over the assembly damage device;

3. If you need to dry quickly, do not use high temperature air blower to avoid deformation of the appliance;

4. If the surface viscosity or odor of the appliance is to be removed, the baby powder can be applied to the outside;

5. After drying, store the appliance in a clean environment and store it out of the reach of children.