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Anal Vibrator

Vibrating Long Anal Beads For Prostate Massage
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Women like their own booty training camp - A vibrating bead at a time!A not scary bead stick, this i..

Elastic Harness Strap On Double Ended Dildo Anal Dildo Gay Dildo Vibrator Dildo Buy Dildo Online India
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Silicone dildo is made of special silicone, soft and elastic. The waist is made of nylon cord and PU..

Anal Beads Vibrator 10 Speed prostate massage anal vibration beads G-point vibrating  Sex Toys Couple Or Masturbators
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This anal beads vibrator can be used for vaginal masturbation, prostate massage, anal sexOn a vibrat..

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The anal vibrator directs a powerful sensation to one of the most nerve-rich areas of the body. Perfect prostate massage for a full-bodied feel, or safe DP interaction, anal vibration adds a thrilling buzz to the backdoor game.

What is an anal vibrator?

This is a toy that uses a tiny little motor designed to stimulate and please your anal sexy zone. Anal vibrators come in a variety of levels of design complexity, from relatively simple to highly refined. They pulsate and can be adjusted to different intensity functions, and some can even adapt to your favorite music beats.
Most anus vibrations tend to be shorter than normal vibrators (because the anal canal is much smaller than the vaginal canal). However, the circumference of the anal vibrator is another matter.
There are a variety of options to choose from, ergonomic P-type massager, docking plug, waterproof, rechargeable, remote control and more.

Who needs anal vibrator?

Vibrators are universal in their appeal, they can bring you or you and your partner together to the pinnacle of sexual pleasure.

Flying solo, your vibrator can provide you with an unparalleled and stimulating personalized and enjoyable experience. 

When you take them to an intimate gathering to please a friend, they will put both of you on the moon, because each of you will control and decide the speed. While anal vibrators are not limited to gender, they can bring an earth-shattering climax to anyone.


The anal vibrator can be made from a variety of materials, each with a unique quality. You can choose the vibrator made of it


Metal anal vibrators have their own characteristics during game time. Although they provide strong stimuli through vibration, they also provide an extraordinary metallic feel to the skin. Initially the touch is cool, they can also be heated by water or touch to completely change the experience.


Silicone toys have a skin-like texture and a natural feel that resists the most intimate contours and provides a realistic experience. It should be noted that if you choose to use a silicone toy lubricant, you should not use silicone.
Water-based lubricants not only extend your atmosphere, but also provide the perfect smooth experience.


A very common vibrator material, jelly is soft and soft, so you really enjoy giving up. In general, jelly shakers are cheaper than shakers made from other materials and can be an ideal choice for your toy collection.

How to use anal vibrator?

As long as you play the anal game in the right way, you can get the orgasm benefits of experimenting with an anal vibrator. This is a 5-step guide to using the anal vibrator to achieve body swing backdoor fun:

Keep it clean

It's no secret that the anus is not the most hygienic part of the body, but before you do an anal toy game or anal sex, you can clean yourself and wash away any impurities in a variety of ways. This is the practice of anal irrigation. Most anal irrigators have an elongated nozzle that makes them comfortable to insert. All you have to do is fill the anal irrigator with water and squeeze the bulb inside the nozzle.


Unlike the vagina, the anal canal is not self-lubricating. Before using an anal vibrator or anal sex, make sure your lubricant is good, which means you have completely covered your toy, anal and anal canal and a lot of lubricant. Otherwise, you may increase the risk of an anal fissure (a skin tear in the rectum), anal pain and other anal related problems. Lubricants are the answer to your feelings of preventing these discomforts.
However, for some people, it may be difficult to penetrate the anus and cover more areas with lubricant. These elongated tubes are like syringes for lubricants. You can add lubricant to the tube, slide the tube at the back, and push the lubricant inside. This allows you to apply more lubricant to the depth.

Relax and play

After preparing for anal stimulation, enter a comfortable position (eg, back, side, sit down) and make sure you are in a relaxed environment to avoid stress, which may prevent you from enjoying your new toy. Depending on your anal atmosphere, you can experiment with a variety of vibration functions.
Because the anal area is nervous and very sensitive, if you are looking for the highest vibration intensity directly, especially if you are a beginner, you may need to deal with too much. Start with the lowest vibration speed or function and then move up as you process more clicks. You may need to adjust the position or body posture of the toy as you experiment, until you find the way that works best for you.