Anal Sex Tips For Beginners

Anal Sex Tips For Beginners

Tuesday, Mar 31, 2020 0 comment(s)

Yes baby, let's talk about "ass"! It's all ass virgins there. We heard that you are ready to open your backyard for business. that's good! Your ass has finally become the focus of attention, and we are excited for you. If you get it right, our beginner anal sex tips will help you spend your sexy time. who knows? This may even be one of the best decisions you make in sex.

Thanks to sexually active movements, anal sex is now more widely accepted than it was decades ago. Of course, stigma still surrounds it. Not everyone is keen to fiddle with their buttocks, which is really a shame. Numerous nerves are found on the anus, and if stimulated the right way, you can get rid of this orgasm.

But even with all that promised bliss, you can’t really help but feel nervous with the thought of having your boyfriend’s dick enter you from behind. Look, we get it. Even when you’ve contemplated about it long and hard and have already set your mind you want to do it, butt-related activities can still make you feel both fearful and thrilled at the same time. It’s totally normal to feel that way.

You can turn all your nerve energy into something more productive without having to be a neurosphere. Just like studying the secrets of anal sex, prepare yourself for what is going to happen. You are a beginner in anal sex, and it is not awkward to admit it. This way you will have great benefits for yourself (and your ass).

Your anxiety is rooted in the fear of not really knowing what will happen. Arm yourself with useful anal sex tips, tricks and knowledge to eliminate fear. Having said that, this is what you need to know for beginners like you.

Try sex toys first

Our first anal sex tip? Experiment. Before you actually commit to anything, why not give yourself a taste of anal sex first by playing with some toys? There are training butt plug kits with varying sizes that you can use to gradually introduce your anus to penetration. If you want to make it even more extra, get anal vibrators to send delicious tingling sensations down to your bud of anal nerve endings. You can also try realistic dildos for a more realistic feel. The great thing about realistic dildos is that they come in different sizes, and you can get the size closest to your boyfriend’s dong. That way, you’re pretty much getting a rehearsal for the real thing. As you keep playing with these toys, you’re slowly stretching out your anus and making yourself more comfortable with the sex act.

Add rimming into the mix

As a beginner in anal sex, let me introduce you to fringe work. This is our second anal sex technique. Working in rims is something you may need to research, and this is the act of playing with someone's butt by using your tongue. This may just be the prelude you need to be ready to insert your ass. Ask your partner to spank first. Let him squeeze them for you. Let him hit you. Let him breathe for you and make you very excited about what is going to happen. He can even give you a asshole and a kiss. This is the part where he can spit. Let him drool over you. The wetter you are, the better.

Lube is your friend

This is not only an anal sex secret for beginners, it is also a must. The anus does not lubricate itself, so you need your extra help. If you don't want to violently (painfully) bump into something big and hard from the rear, it's best to spread lube on your butt in advance. It reduces friction that can cause discomfort throughout the penetration process. That's why it's always better to stay close to the lubricant. Professional tip, we recommend you use silicone grease. They provide the most "slippery feel" that you need most for anal sex. Silicone lubricants do not reduce condom safety and are therefore a priority. They don't evaporate as fast as other types of lubricants, so you can save yourself the hassle of repeating it over and over and let you focus on having a happy anal time.

Don’t do it out of pressure

Definitely, don’t do it if your only motivation is to keep your boyfriend off your back after he pestered you to let him put it in your ass. That’s just bad news. Do it because you want to and not because you’ve been pressured to.

You may not exactly be into anal sex per se, but if you’re a pleaser and you like having your partner orgasm so hard because of something that you do, then that’s a fine and valid reason to do it as well. Just don’t forget that you can totally say no whenever you changed your mind about it, even if you’re in the middle of the act. It’s your butt and you get to decide what you want to put inside it. And if your boyfriend isn’t pleased about that, then tell him to go choke on his own dick.

Don’t ever forget to wear protection

You may be a beginner in anal sex but you shouldn’t be a noob in safe sex. Again, this shouldn’t be a tip but an anal sex must. No matter how horny you get, don’t forget to always wear protection. You don’t want to get any STIs after a night of back humping. Even if you’ve known the guy for years, it’s best not to take any chances. And to keep everything sanitary, tell your boyfriend not to use the same condom for your butthole and vagina. If he plans on sticking it in your vagina after going inside your anus (woah, lucky guy), then he has to get a new packet of condom to avoid carrying any bacteria from your ass to your vagina. Play hard, but play safe.

It feels a little like pooping

Yeah, it may feel a little like you’re about to do number 2, which is kinda freaky at first. We’ve mentioned before that your anus is packed with nerves, but they’re not at all self-aware that they can tell if something is going in or out of you. So don’t freak out if you feel that way. But here’s the real deal, you don’t actually have to go to the toilet, your butt is just experiencing new stimulations.

There may be a little blood involved

A little blood during your first-time anal sex could be expected. You’re putting stress on your anus which may create small fissures on your sensitive anal cavities. Before you panic, let it be known that these fissures are way too tiny that chances are, you’re not even going to feel them at all, and most of the time, there isn’t any blood involved. But even if there is, it’s mild and nothing to worry about. They may cause you to feel an uncomfortable sensation whenever you’re pooping but they heal on its own after a few days. Just a warning though, if you’re bleeding hasn’t stopped after a week, and instead of just tiny droplets, you’re observing an abnormal amount of blood coming out of your anus, then send yourself to the hospital right away.

As always, communication is key

With any sex act even anal sex, the tip is to always have open communication. It makes a whole lot of difference. If you’re usually a quiet person during sex, you may want to change that up a little. You want to let your partner know if he’s doing a good job. Compliment him for it and he may just work extra harder to please you.

If you’re feeling pain and discomfort, you can tell him that too so he can cut it out immediately. Does he put it in now? Are you ready for it? Or do you need more stimulation? Does this hurt? Do you want him to back off a little? These are just questions that he can ask to which you can give your honest answers to. Your boyfriend isn’t a mind reader, he’s not always going to be able to tell what you want in bed simply by picking up on your body’s cues. So do yourselves a favor and vocally share your bedroom thoughts. Thank us later.

Don’t try to attempt recreating your favorite anal sex porn

Stop there. You are a beginner in anal sex. Don't be so fulfilling. Take your head out of the erotic fantasy world. Anal sex or any form of sex is not like what you see in porn. Of course, they look great when you masturbate, but don't be confused by the idea that you can recreate them. Most porn you see is staged. They are performing and getting paid for it. Moreover, most people are already professional players. It's as if you are a novice.

No matter how tempting it seems, don't try to do it. You are simply not ready for any powerful backsliding. Your favorite anal porn star seems to be able to tuck it into the ass without too much stimulation, but you are not her. Need to properly stimulate your delicate butt and prepare for penetration. In most cases, you have to go slower. Any partner who respects his lover realizes that he must take the time to ensure that he is ready to accept his dick.

Your ass isn’t as dirty as you think

Most people don’t want to partake in any butt plays because they think it’s a dirty area of the body. It’s where the poop comes out after all. This may come as a surprise to you, but your ass actually isn’t as dirty as you think. Your anus and rectum have very little fecal matter. But before you get too careless, keep in mind that your anus has a different environment from your vagina. So another anal sex tip is to don’t do both vaginal and anal sex at the same time to avoid infections. If you plan on doing so, you first have to ask your boyfriend to clean his penis by washing with water and mild soap.

Douching may be a good idea

To really prepare you for hygienic anal sex, another tip is to try douching. It involves making use of either an enema, a bulb douche, or a water bag douche. These tools let you thoroughly clean your anal area, leading to a lower risk of infection. We recommend bulb douches since they’re the easiest to use for beginners in anal sex like you.

Simply fill the bulb with water, insert the tube inside your anus and gently press on the bulb. Apply lube prior to insertion to make it more comfortable for you. Repeat this process until you notice that the water coming out from your anus is clear. If you don’t want to make that much of a mess, you can always do it in the shower or in the tub. Just remember, you don’t have to spritz water on your entire gut. So don’t over douche.