Mumbai Gay Fuck

Mumbai Gay Fuck

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If you've ever gone looking for gay sex tips online, you've probably noticed that there isn't a lot out there beyond the first few hits at the top of the page that actually deal with the real meat of the issue. 

You want some real-deal, dare I say hands-on, advice that you can put to work in the bedroom. You don't need to be told that guys like it when you talk dirty or surprise them with random handjobs. No shit- Gimme something I can use, here!Mumbai Gay Fuck

If you are like me, you feel a lot of pressure to perform well with a new partner. The problem with this is: If you're with a new partner, you don't really know what they like. Feeling out a new sexual partner is kinda like starting a new roll of toilet paper, though. Once you get the little glued down tab piece lifted up, annoying as that can be, the paper practically rolls off by itself.

How the fuck is that like a new partner? Well, once you get your new guy riled up enough to start getting handsy, he'll start to show his own sexual behaviors toward you. At this point, you can assume that he is doing the things he is doing because those are the things he thinks feel good. The tab has been lifted, the paper is unrolling on its own.

Eat That Ass Like It's Your Last Meal

There aren't many ways you can fuck up eating ass, but being too timid about it is easily at the top of that list. You need to get in there and eat that bastard out like a starving man in a pie-eating contest. Really let your guy know you are diggin' on digging into his butt buffet and you can't go wrong.

If you are too timid about getting down on his chocolate starfish, he might feel self-conscious about his anal cleanliness or feel like you are only doing it because you feel like you have to. If either of those scenarios is true, you shouldn't be eating his ass in the first place. If they aren't, why are you fucking around?! Get in there and root around like a truffle hog and be sure to sample the whole buffet.Mumbai Gay Fuck

Get around to his meat and two veg from time to time and always maintain a high level of enthusiasm for the task at hand. An enthusiastic rimjob is one of the best things in the world and a partner who receives one will definitely keep your number so he can come back for seconds!

Press His Magic Button

An enthusiastic rimjob is one of the best things in the world, but a prostate orgasm, for my money, is the best thing in the world. If done properly, prostate massages are closer to a religious experience than a sexual one and will have your man worshipping you like the god you are if you can get good at blessing him with them.

If you have never experienced the full-blown, face-melting ecstasy of a P-spot orgasm, you've got some homework to do! I'll run down the basics here, but this newbie's guide to prostate massage should have all of the CliffsNotes you need to make the grade. For now, I'm just going to cover the broad strokes.

If you've ever hit "that spot" while fingering/toying yourself or while getting banged, you know exactly what I'm talking about here. "That spot" is your prostate, and it's a magical button you can work to experience the most intense orgasmic sensations available to humans with a penis.

Pick up a good prostate massager and practice alone to get started. Aneros makes extremely user-friendly, hands-free models that are great for pros and beginners alike. Lube it up, pop it in, and position it so it's bumpin' up on your happy spot. Then, start flexing those Kegels and the massager will pretty much do the rest. Told you those Kegels are handy!

If you really Want to kick your prostate into overdrive, consider adding some vibration into the mix.  The difference between a vibrating prostate stim and an unpowered stim is like firecrackers and A-bombs.

I've got a Loki Wave that's got my P-spot on speed-dial and it pretty much reduces me to jelly in under 15 minutes. Fair warning, some guys can't handle as much stimulation as others and might prefer a gentler vibe or no vibe at all. It's a matter of taste. If you are a vibe-whore like me, though, that Loki will thump your fuckin' guts.

A Final Bit Of Advice

The most important way you can perform like a champ in bed is to feel like you are a champ in bed. Confidence and a lack of inhibition are two of the sexiest behaviors a guy can exhibit, in my book. Learn to let go of all of the bullshit baggage you are bringing into the bedroom and develop a new persona that you can unleash in the sack.

Learn to let that savage, primitive side of your psyche out to play while you're getting down and dirty. Sex is a primal thing when you get down to it- no sense pretending otherwise. Think about how humans used to be in the ancient days when we fucked like animals on the sun-dappled forest floor with wild abandon because there was nobody there to tell us we were wrong or judge. Just be two humans being human together and things will flow naturally.Mumbai Gay Fuck

That advice just might seem like a pretentious way of saying that you should "trust your gut" but it's more than that. Good sex is good because two (or more) people's bodies are coming together and fluently speaking the language that bodies speak.

That language is guttural, made up of moans and snarling and biting. There's nothing civilized about it. So, leave the civilization on the floor with your clothes and you might be surprised by what emerges. Your partner definitely will!